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HM Mast

Mástil de carbono HM Comprar Deslizamiento, confort de navegación y control La gama AFS HM le permitirá practicar todas las disciplinas. Longitudes de mástil a medida La longitud de 85 cm proporciona una gran versatilidad y tolerancia de uso. Será el arma ideal si practicas más del 60% en wing foil y el resto en […]

Dockstart — SK8

Dockstart — SK8 ACHETER Pumping machine – any dock becomes an incredible playground! Expand with our dockstart riders, they had carte blanche to propose the ultimate dockstart board! Con un diseño compacto optimizado para el bombeo, son perfectamente posibles las sesiones prolongadas de dock o beach start, el micro surf, el wake foiling detrás de […]

Get Up 9’5

Get Up 9’5 COMPRAR Discover the sensations of stand-up paddling in waves with maximum fun. Optimized Hull A long V in the underside allows these large and wide boards to be released. It brings curve to the rail line and amplifies the pivot. To improve glide, a long double concave tightens the rocker and makes […]


FIT COMPRAR Discover the pleasure of l ng and gliding rides Glide smoothly A long V from the nose to the tail allows this very wide, stable board remain to be manoeuvrable with fantastic glide. The shape of the nose flows to create a double concave that tightens the outline on the front part of […]


KOOL COMPRAR Stable, high-performing, rigid, and reliable. The Kool is THE board that makes SUP accessible to everyone. Easy waves The board is ideal for beginners who want to learn SUP on flat water or easily in waves. It is gentle on take-off, manoeuvrable in surf, and its raised nose gives confidence on the wave.It […]

Snap 8’5

SNAP 8’5 COMPRAR Accessibility and performance for a classic and efficient surfing experience AFS has benefited from the experience of the Nahskwell brand to design and produce its own AFS range of SUP – reliable, cutting edge shapes that have been proven for several years. Radical manoeuvres Quick turns, engaged surfing, the shape of the […]


Flyer ACHETER The foil with the best ratio performance per accessibility. the front Foil Chord The thick chord profile of the Flyer foil will allow works very well at low-speed flight. It generates lift very quickly and smoothly to keep control of your foil. the front Foil Aspect Ratio A slender, “High Aspect Ratio” foil. […]


Performer ACHETER Glide, Smooth, All Round Tres palabras para resumir la gama Performer Ala delantera Aspect Ratio En toda la gama, la aspect ratio se sitúa entre 5,7 (Performer 1900) y 7,5 (Performer 750), estas longitudes son la mejor combinación versatilidad/rendimiento. Estas elongaciones ofrecen las mejores combinaciones de versatilidad y rendimiento en cada tamaño de […]

Pure 560

Pure Race 560 BUY Dedicated racing speed machine Insanely fast Reassuringly stable The pure 560 is the perfect ultra performance foil for Wingfoil racing and speedsters In development for a year, approved and validated during Weymouth Speed Week by passing the 30 knot mark over 500m. The more power you feed it, the faster it […]

Pro 4’5

Pro 4’5 COMPRAR Tabla ultracompacta para riders exigentes que buscan superar sus límites. Perfecta para racing en condiciones moderadas a fuertes. El shape se ha optimizado para minimizar la inercia de la tabla, ya sea en rotaciones de freestyle o en giros de waveriding.

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