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DW Performance By Laurent Borgna: The Ultra is designed to deliver maximum performance for downwind enthusiasts. With a wide range of use, maximum efficiency, and infinite glide, it’s nicknamed the “glide-ator.” Cover kilometers effortlessly.

Ultra high aspect #glide-ator 😉

AR14 – The average and top speeds are exceptional. The combination of rake/aspect ratio/construction gives this foil a level of efficiency in both passive glide and pumping that exceeds all observed limits to date.
The rail-to-rail has been optimized to boost maneuverabilitya and control.

Wide use range

Huge usage range thanks to the bump technology present on the leading edge, which allows us to use an ultra-fast profile without penalizing the minis.

Monobloc structure

The wings are directly molded with the fuselage in one piece, allowing for continuous structural carbon fibers while maintaining perfect hydrodynamic flow to maximize glide.
This process provides the necessary rigidity for perfect force transmission, unparalleled control, and ultra-precise foil piloting for even more performance.


UHM Carbon Construction

Use of UHM (Ultra High Modulus) carbon. Essential to generate the necessary rigidity for foils combining large wingspan and very thin profile.

Ultra HA 750

Surface 700 cm2
Span 820 mm
Aspect Ratio 9.6
Chord 112 mm
Thickness 11.5 mm
Fuselage 574 mm
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight UHM Carbon
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