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Get Up 9'5

Discover the sensations of stand-up paddling in waves with maximum fun.

Optimized Hull

A long V in the underside allows these large and wide boards to be released. It brings curve to the rail line and amplifies the pivot.

To improve glide, a long double concave tightens the rocker and makes the Get Up accelerate.

Great manoeuvrability and great glide in waves make the Get Up accessible to all.


Thick rail

A specific thickness on the rails helps to maintain good grip in carving turns, which will allow forgiving foot placement. In addition, rail thickness will hep maintain sufficient speed to be able to manoeuvre at any time.

Square tail

Generates speed in soft or small waves and helps with flotation and improves stability.

One Shot Sandwich Wood

The AFS Get Up is built on a sandwich Wood base. A unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabrics, reinforcements, and boxes are applied in a double-shell mould, then cooked according to a process allowing ideal polymerization of resins for perfect reproduction and optimal weight/strength ratio. 

The resin used for the construction of our boards is an eco-sourced SR GreenPoxy epoxy (more than 33% of molecules come from plant sources).
Tech Specs

Get Up 9'5


31′ 1/4

150 L
Tri-Fin FCS

One Shot Sandwich Wood

10,1 kg
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